Sphere of Life…

ThoughtsπŸ’­ which surrounds each day and night..🌞🌚

Happiness and sadness that see saw up and down ..πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜”

Dreams that wakes us up with fear and some that makes us delighted were we never want to open up eyes..

A day with guilt and next with satisfaction indeed..

No such word as Loneliness as God is everywhere..

When surrounded by all then needs a ME time..⌚

A Mother with same challenging routine..

Poor finding a way to SETTLE 🏚and Rich with MOTTO “NEVER $ETTLE”..🏘

Children instead of enjoying the phase that can’t be replaced with anything wants to become grown up people..

When they grow up they smile at childhood as it was the best phase of entire existence..

Accepting challenges even if they have a rough path..

Prayers answered and some rejected but for good..

Meeting a variety of people and believe only the ones those are true..

Carry on with others till the end of life..

We came alone and will leave alone but believe in God as there is a fruitful end if we collect all the positivity from every source possible..

This Earth is rotating so am I with these thoughts..🌏

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